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A Holistic Way of Improving Your Health

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Acupuncture treatment encourages the body's natural healing process holistically and promotes balance in the body. Holistic Acupuncture of Oak Park specializes in women’s problems such as



Prenatal, postpartum and menopause problems

And mental and emotional health issues such as




Sleeping disorders

We also treat pain conditions, such as


Pain in the back, joints and neck

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​”I tried artificial insemination 3 times unsuccessfully and then started to get acupuncture treatment when I began IVF. I felt my shoulder stiffness and chills get much better after several treatments. My physical health improved significantly. I live far from Oak Park so I can’t go every week but Yuko taught me how to use Moxa at home and I got pregnant!  She also treated my breech baby too!  I’m so glad I got acupuncture treatments and met Yuko. She is so kind and helped me a lot.”  --M.S.


"I suffered for about 10 years with debilitating PMS symptoms; severe pain with menses, neck and back pain, migraine headaches, sleep, irritability and anxiety, all related to an imbalance in my hormones. After having seen many doctors and giving the "standard treatment" of the pill and IUD, I decided to go to Yuko for Acupuncture as a last resort. In the beginning, I was skeptical as to how or if Acupuncture could actually help. Well, it HAS! After only a few treatments, I was able to sleep more regularly, my migraines and pain in my neck have diminished. I am taking very little to no pain medications during my periods and my irritability and anxiety have decreased significantly. Thank you YUKO for helping me, I am forever grateful!" -- A.B.


"I sought the help of a high-quality acupuncturist to help me manage my menopause symptoms, which ranged from hot flashes and sleepless nights to murdery mood swings.  I found Yuko and after a month of once-weekly treatments, she has effectively reduced my menopause symptoms down to 1-2 hot flashes a day (from 1 per hour!) and encouraged deep healing.  I am better rested, more even-tempered and I feel more balanced in my body.  Yuko is talented, caring and authentic.  Even though I went to her for one specific mission, she also worked on peripheral issues she noticed like my digestion, circulation and upper back tightness.  I've learned so much from her - she has shared advice that is specific to my needs. Please give her a try, she may just change your life." -- B.L.

Painless Technique

"I have had the good fortune of being a patient of Yuko’s over the past 1.5 years at her private practice. When I met Yuko, I had turned my back on acupuncture treatments after having experienced several painful sessions at another clinic 2 years earlier.  I was initially tense as I anticipated the sharp stabbing pain from the needles but Yuko did a great job of helping me relax and breathe as she gently and quickly insert needles around my body.  Following the treatment, I started to feel relief as my aches and pains disappeared. Over the past year, I have also recommended her services to my family and friends and they have all shared with me similar experiences about visiting her.I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate Yuko’s service." -- J.T.

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137 N. Oak Park Ave., Suite 203, Oak Park, IL 60301

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